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World Heritage Angkor Wat Woodblock prints

In March, 2018 I was invited by the World Wood Culture Society (IWCS) and participated in World Wood Day 2019 held in Cambodia.
Upon its participation, I was asked to visit Cambodia / Angkor Wat to provide the visitors the experience to produce woodcut prints by them-self.
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World Wood Day


The Production process

We used two photos as the original figure.
The left picture was used for trimming the outlines, the right picture has been used as color sample.
From these two pictures, we designed the woodblock print.
To make it possible for anyone to experience, we made it a simple color composition that would be finished in 4 rubs, but it was designed so that you can see all details even with this simple setup..

Based on this design, we then proceeded to make woodblock prints in accordance with traditional woodblock print techniques.

The exterior of the greeting card version is a handmade item of Ukiyo-wooden original.
It has a two-page spread structure, and it can also take out only woodcut prints, it also has a pocket structure.
2 "washi" (Japanese traditional paper) messaging guards are bundled. (Plain and alphabetical message included)
Also the envelopes are included, but even if these are combined, the total weight is only 23 g.
The outer dimensions of the envelope are 12 cm × 17.5 cm, and when sending to the domestic, it fits within the fixed form.


The completed woodblock

The "four edition" woodblock print was excavated based on traditional techniques specially for the sculptor's hand.
We tried to make it as easy as possible for everyone to experience the very simple configuration of 1 sheet for the contour lines (black lines) and 3 color boards.
However, since the ink line wood has been carved into details of the level equivalent to Ukiyo-e, we also made consideration to appear to details as long as it successfully slides.
(You can see the enlarged picture by clicking on the leftmost photo)



Experience line landscape

For the people of Cambodia, Angkor Wat and the national flag are a symbolic characters.
Also for that reason, it was a great success due to unexpected visitors at our booth.
Because it was right an experiencefor everyone, it was not easy to create woodblock prints by them-self well. However, everyone was delighted when they finished they own created Angkor Wat ukiyo-e.

At this event, we used this woodblock as a trial version, but since the wooden layer are very high quality, the wood block prints of professional person would be art.
I explained it to the IWCS, and got permission to sell the work made by professionals .



Sales item (no frame)




   W: 23.3 cm
 H: 15.9 cm

   80 USD (tax include)




 Sales item (with frame)






   W: 39.8 cm
 H: 30.7 cm

  120 USD (tax include)



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