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==== Episode 2 ====

Completed the mission of World Wood Day (WWD) 2018 and returned safely from Cambodia today (3/27).

I have experienced so many things, I was too busy and could not take the time to introduce my progress in a timely manner. However, although everything will be reported afterwards, I would like to introduce the Cambodia expedition this time in several steps.

It was at the end of January when I was asked to participate in WWD 2018 from International Wood Culture Society (IWCS).

As well as last year's event, in addition to doing a demonstration of a sculptor / slinger, this time as a special effort, I was asked to do a hands-on experience.

Although it is a card size, I trimmed the photo of Atsuta Shrine, designed it for woodcut prints and shared information with IWCS that I can do woodcut printing based on the traditional woodblock technique. Therefore, this time it was a request to do designing based on the photograph of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, making traditional wood prints, and using it to do a hands-on experience.

However, the size of the screen increases to about B5 size, the engraving work expenses also expands, and exclusive tools and parts necessary for each step of the experience work are also expensive, even if they are all burdens of IWCS It was at the end of February that I decided to do.

Then we proceeded with preparations for them at a tremendous speed, but in order to experience riding even by amateur visitors, the woodblocks were designed with a simple 4-piece construction and all necessary tools and parts for 4 steps were also prepared. On March 18th, so very late and close to the departure day, all four edition trees were carved up.