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==== Episode 6 ====

We had the idea of a production line where the customer can create woodblock prints themselves. The process is slightly different than the real process, but it was the easiest way to give the customer this experience. (Pic-1)

The work process is split into 4 steps. Multiple person are able to run through the process side by side.

 (Pic - 2), Mr. Sekioka of the sculptor is an instructor while the process. With my low English skills, I  could not really explain the work content, but I was able to at least show each process. (Pic-3)

Ms. Sekioka also helped a lot to guide the customers. I really have to thank him a lot.. The point is that it is not a technology problem, but a person who can communicate can explain the work steps much easier than just showing. So, I asked the IWCS staff for helping us with support. "Because you do not have to think about technical matters, please give someone who can speak English anyway", but I asked for the help of Mr. Yu Wen. (Pic-4)

The guidance of her was over in 5 minutes although she was able to move as instructor immediately. Then, it came to finally turn well.

Besides her, the instructor became a member of several staff members. I also enjoyed teaching at the manager's class (Charlotte Lee), but I practiced guidance once (Pic-5).

Because the IWCS staff were also busy with other things, it was difficult to stay always at our booth, and in the end Yu Wen has become the most reliable assistant.