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==== Episode 7 ====

After the show we were pretty tired, but don’t wanted to leave out some interesting places at Angkor Wat. So we went with a tuk tuk, what is a very useful vehicle, to a Night Market quite close to our Hotel. A tuk tuk is a kind of mini taxi, pulled by a scooter. They are everywhere and very cheap and convenient. Unbelievable, but you can use it with up to 5 people and for a drive of about 10~15 minutes, we just paid about 3-5 dollar. (Pic-2)

At the night market were a lot of open souvenir shops, restaurants with all kinds of food, bars sundry shops and massage shops.

I found a stationery shop by chance. (Pic - 3, 4) It was a very decent stationery shop, and what a poster color (black) was also well sold. And only 2 dollars in 4! After that, there was no problem in particular, it was a really affordable product. (Pic-5)

After shopping at the stationery shop, I ate a whole palm juice, mango 1 because the throat dried. It was very delicious and I did not miss it, but I was amazed that they would only do 2 dollars and 1 doll each. (Pic-6)

Also, with the hard standing work everyday, my feet became frank. Also walking was just a pain, so I tried "foot massage" on a trial. It was only 3 dollars on both feet in 20 minutes (Pic - 7) After that evening my feet tired all the time and the effect of marvel continued.

As this night market, security is not bad, there are wonderful Cospa, so if you put up with the hot we think that it is a very good tourist destination.