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==== Episode 11 ====

During the 5-day event, all the participants went to see Angkor Wat and planted trees nearby.

Angkor Wat is one of Cambodia's proud world heritage, Angkor monuments was built after spending more than 30 years in the first half of the 12th century. Buildings are built with countless stone langas, and several high towers are contrasted in a square site, so the overall picture seen from the east gate is almost the same as the overall picture seen from the west gate It is a wonder that it still looks like it is! (Pic-1: From the East Gate)

Many inside buildings and towers can be browsed, it is a world heritage full of service. (Pic-2)

The woodcut print produced this time, from the photographs of hundreds of Angkor Wat, this narrowed down the best to 2, based on its synthetic design. I wanted to check where it was actually taken from. I knew that it was not East Gate but West Gate, I confirmed the angle more finely, finally I caught the shooting position, but I was shocked. Because I went to visit in the morning, the sun from the east was strong, and Angkor Wat became backlighting and I could not see it well. (Pic-4, 5)

Of course, if you come in the afternoon you may have seen a better landscape, but the circumstances of the trip will not go so far. As I had no opportunity to come only this time, obviously, wood prints that slid properly were much better than the actual ones.

I had a valuable experience that "woodcut prints made are beyond the actual thing".

By the way, the image of the woodcut print in the center of the picture is not what you slid in the field, but a slut (Okada san) slid in his workshop after returning home. (Pic-3)

Because the one that increased the friction at the site was presented to the person who did not slide well, because no sample was left.

Since the technique of Mr. Okada is also added, it can be said that it is a grade-up version because the increase in slide after returning home is added. I am about to send this to Taiwan for IWCS members who took care of me now.

Story is still going to follow ahead, but I think I will open it as much as a special feature on Cambodia expedition. I'm sorry for a long time. . The end