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Woodblock Print of Greeting Card “ Nagoya Castle”

This is new Greeting cards which is introducing woodblock print taken over Ukiyo-e traditional technique.
It is decorated by flower patterned washi and golden frame.
This is new category of woodblock print which is ideal as a gift or just for display.

US$ 25 each


It has spread structure for Greeting Cards.
Card size is small for woodblock print, but it is made very precisely based on traditional technique, and it has high value for art work.
Washi (Traditional Japanese paper) is used for woodblock print to make better printing, so it is used highest grade one produced in Echizen Japan.

 Zoom photo     Zoom photo

 (Actual work)     (Woodblock)


It also has pocket structure to take out the woodblock print.
This is useful function to display it as a art work.

If you take out the woodblock print and see it from the backside, you can see the shadow image like this photo. As Washi is sucking the watercolor, it makes this phenomenon you can't see in other printing. This phenomenon is the proof that is woodblock print. (Photo from backside)

(Photo from backside)


The message card like this photo is packed with together. (No letter printing like this photo) The envelope (12cmx17.5cm) is also packed with together, so you can send anywhere by postage mail using them.
The Greeting cards is strong enough for postage mail, and total weight is just only 23g.


Detail about Woodblock Print

Nagoya Castle was burned during WWII and rebuilt in 1959.A woodblock print artist, Koitsu Tsuchiya, drew Nagoya Castle picture for woodblock print before WWII.


Present craft workers recreated his woodblock print, following traditional techniques.
They recreated woodblock boards for each color. They are precisely carved.


Present craft workers create the artwork on high quality handmade Japanese paper Washi by superimposing the colors by printing 8 times.


About Shipping Cost

I. For customers who would like to send this product to overseas from Japan.
1 ~ 4 pieces : $6.00 (for all countries!)
5+ pieces: Free shipping

II. For customers would like to send this product to domestic Japan.
1 ~ 4 pieces : 400 Yen (for all Japan)
5+ pieces : Free shipping



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