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Small size Woodblock print series


Traditional and high quality woodcut prints (Ukiyo-e) in small size!

Even though it is small, it is made in accordance with traditional techniques that continue from ukiyo-e, with sculptors and slasher's division of labor. The carving is carved up to an extremely delicate level equivalent to Ukiyoe.
As for the sliding, we perform multicolor rubbing similar to Ukiyo-e, we finish by 10-15 times overlapping rail.
It is a completely handcrafted traditional woodcut print that does not allow any compromise by craftsmen with advanced traditional techniques.
In addition, a special type of Washi, a handmade luxury Echizen Japanese paper was used, a "Raw Fiction Service" to maximize the beauty of woodcut prints.


Premium eco frame version (Pleco frame)

The stand has been added to the exterior frame, so you can stand it as it is. It is a premium eco-frame (abbreviation: pleco frame) that is made entirely of paper, including the stand section.
The picture inside is a Ukiyo-e original original hand-made product that utilizes Ukiyo-e traditional crafts and the back uses modern craft techniques.
This is a palm-sized frame that gives you a feel for the advanced paper crafts technology in Japan.



The woodblock print inside can be easily slide out of the frame.

The back stand can be closed without protrusion.
In addition, you can open it by pulling the gold band of the arrow.

There are various ideas to keep the stand closed.
① There is a gold limiter band to prevent over-opening.
② A box is inside the stand for storing the gold band.
③ The stand has a soft bond so that it does not float when it is closed.

Greeting Card version

The exterior of the greeting card version is a handmade item of Ukiyo-wooden original.
It has a two-page spread structure, so it is possible to take out woodcut print.
2 washi message cards are included. (Plain and alphabetical message included)
Also an envelope is included, but even with all this additional options, the total weight is just 23g.
The outer dimensions of the envelope is 12 cm × 17.5 cm, and when sending it domestic, it fits the standard letter size.


Frame version

The frame is a wooden square type. Mat adopts a looking color according to each work.
In addition, the mat is cut to size according to the work, and oblique cutting that makes it look nice is given.
Although an acrylic plate for full-surface protection is also included, in order to enjoy the texture of wood prints, we will ship it without placing it on the forefront at the time of shipment at the time of shipment.