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Mt. Fuji 2020

1964 Tokyo Olympics movie

This year (2020), we have created a new woodcut to commemorate the 56th Olympic Games in Tokyo. It is not a direct artistic representation of the athlete's performance or imitating the Olympic logo, but an indirect artistic work that reminds of the Olympic Games from Japanese landscape paintings. Fuji was used as a typical Japanese landscape painting.

That one scene (about 9: 33 min at the movie)

One of the scenes from the 1964 Tokyo Olympics movie has a design that looks great. (Left figure) The torch runner running on the foot of Mt. Fuji, this scene was trimmed into an outline of the work. The details of the woodblock prints were drawn from Kawase Hasui's description of "Funatsu no Aki".


Trimming picture

Kawase Hasui "Funatsu Autumn"

(Woodcut detail)



Based on these two pictures,
I made a composite image.
The part (red dashed line)
are customized and created
with reference to the originals.
This composite image is
the basic design.

However, there was a major problem with this basic design.
The problem was that the smoke at the foot of Fuji was not seen by the torch runner, but like a steam locomotive (SL).
So we tried to change the design to avoid the problem and improve it to the original picture.


Guardrail version


I added a guardrail to make it look like a torch runner is running.
However, this still failed to look like SL.
②:Small forest

Audience silhouette version


Instead of guardrails, we arranged some audience silhouettes.
I also added a flag waving silhouette. In addition, the small forests in the background have been removed to balance.
With this improvement, the problem that appears to be SL is almost solved.
③:Audience silhouette
④:Add national flag
⑤②:Small forest has been removed

Original picture


As a woodblock print, we clarified the design of each color plate and completed the original.
In particular on the mountain surface of Mt. Fuji, more colors than the number of boards can be expressed by the composite color of the boards.
(For details, see "How to make woodblock prints.") For titles, woodcuts are used for vertical writing, and stamps are used for horizontal writing in the small version.
⑥:Horizontal writing title (Compatible Stamp)
⑦:Vertical title (woodcut)


Mt.Fuji(Premium Eco Frame version)


3000円(tax included)

Mt.Fuji(Frame version)

7,000円(tax included)