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Shokunin is the super technician who have Japanese traditional handmade technique,
more than 150 years history for woodblock print.
It is said that it needs more than 5 years to master these technique.
The trainee learn the technique on the job training following the master in few years or more.
Woodblock print cannot be made without Shokunin, especially Horishi and Surishi.


Horishi is the Shokunin who carve woodblock to make raising for color printed area.
They have amazing cutting technique as they can carve accuracy for any kind of picture,
even if it is a drawing line by pen.
They also have patient mind as they can keep the high accuracy for all area and for all woodblocks.
They are using few kinds of Choukokutou (Chip caving tool) according to the caving.
And, the special usage technique for the tools can make the accuracy caving.
They also have technique to keep sharp for all these tools.



Basically, it is difficult to print colors beautifully on paper, if paint is simply put on the carved woodblock.
Surishi is the Shokunin who can print colors beautifully on paper for carved woodblock.
They are always taking care the humidity for air condition and the traditional paper, Washi.
Paint concentration is also important issue to make proper color.
They are using special paint, brush, and Baren.
Baren is very unique tool to push Washi to woodblock, and it takes long time to master how to use it.
They are making color gradation with the Baren usage technique.
They also have high technique to match colors accuracy for all piling up print of several woodblocks.


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