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How to make Woodblock print

How to make Woodblock print

If you make a woodblock print from the right picture,
you need to follow the procedure as below.

  • Original Picture
    ( 7 colors content )

At first, the original picture is decomposed to each color’s pictures.
As the original picture has 7 colors contents, 7 pictures will be made for individual colors.
Super technician of carving will make the 7 woodblocks which are accurately carved same as the 7 pictures after reversed. Super technician of printing will superpose printing from 1st woodblock to 7th one, putting on proper colors for each ones.
After finish printing for 7th one, woodblock print is completed same as original picture.
For one woodblock, Super technician of printing is usually repeat printing several times to show gradation and roughly touch.
So, it is not completed only 7 times printing, actually it needs much more times printing.


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