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Hokusai Katsushika

Hokusai Katsushika (葛飾北斎,1760 May10,1849)
Hokusai was born in 1760 present in Sumida-ku, Tokyo.
He became a pupil of Shunsho Katsukawa at 19 years old, and he announced the first picture of a kabuki actor as the Kachikawa group style in next year.
He learned the picture of Japanese, Chinese and Western, and he learned from many groups and flows.
He had designed various kind of Ukiyo-e and he established his original style of painting.
He had restless character: he changed his name more than twenty times and his place of residence more than ninety times. This restlessness is also reflected in the variety of his work.
Hokusai finally achieved popular success in the 1830s with his publication of "Thirty-six Views of Mt. Fuji", when he is over 70 years old. He had passion for drawing the truth of everything in nature.
Even if he grew old, his drawing will did not decline and he has left many works throughout his life of 90.
In 1998, he was chosen only one Japanese for "The 100 Most Important Events and People of the Past,
1000 Year" by Life Millennium.


The Great Wave off Kanagawa                  US$198 each

SIZE : W 38.0 / H 26.0 (cm)

This is the most famous Ukiyo-e designed by Hokusai, and it continues to grow in popularity and recognition worldwide.
The image composition is mixed with dynamic in static, just looks like a close-up snapshot of camera, a moment of a huge wave falling over a boat. It is displayed in domestic and foreign famous Art Gallery and Museum, and it can be said a global masterpiece.

Red Fuji  US$198 each

SIZE : W 38.5 / H 26.0 (cm)

It is placed at the head of Mt.Fuji in Ukiyo-e, famous called "Red Fuji". A very simple color and bold composition are very impressive for Japanese image scenery. Under the clear sky with mackerel sky floats, the face of Mt.Fuji is turned red.
It is also the work which needs a high technique to print for the colors.

Yoro Waterfall in Mino Province  US$198 each

SIZE : W 26.5 / H 39.0 (cm)

This waterfall is located in Yoro-cho, Gifu prefecture, and is the famous place that is chosen to 100 selections of Japanese waterfalls and 100 selections of famous clear water.
This waterfall have a legend story about a dutiful child who was poor woodcutter, saying that water turned into liquor (Sake) when he gave this water for his aged father.

Kirifuri Waterfall at Mt.Kurokami in Shimotsuke Province                   US$198 each

SIZE : W 26.5 / H 38.5 (cm)

This waterfall is one of three waterfalls which is the most famous in Nikko.
As it is two steps of waterfalls, a mountain stream is changing and so beautiful. It is impressive that visitors for Nikko Toshogu are charmed by the magnificent waterfall.
It is described the changing of the water flow in geometrically, it is a very popular work said to be Cool!.

Shrimp and Himekomatsu US$368 each

Himekomatsu means a small pine, and means longevity and conjugal harmony. The big shrimp is called "Ise-ebi“ which is a symbol for longevity. Some small nuts are placed for wealth and victory.
So, this work was special prepared in hope for good luck.

*ATTENTION: This size is wider than other regular ones. SIZE : W 55.0 / H 20.5 (cm)

Turban-shell Hall of the Five-Hundred-Rakan Temple US$198 each

SIZE : W 38.0 / H 26.0 (cm)

This temple is belong to one of famous Zen religious sect Oubakushu. It was very popular as it had a tall hall which could view Mount Fuji.
In spite of the times of the class society, people of various rank were enjoying for the same scenery.
Hokusai expressed the vigor, freedom, and the mysterious widen space.

Umezawa in Sagami                   US$198 each

SIZE : W 38.0 / H 26.0 (cm)

Umezawa is the place that Fuji can watch in the bank of the Oshikiri River of present Ninomiya town, Kanagawa Prefecture.
Blue Fuji and a Japanese crane, a rose-pink-colored cloud, such a fantastic hue are beautiful.
The rose-pink-colored is expressing a sky color in the break of day. It let you feel crispiness of the morning by a Japanese crane flying away towards Fuji.

Fishing Boats at Chosi                  US$198 each

*ATTENTION: This size is smaller than other regular ones.

SIZE : W 27.5 / H 19.5 (cm)

It is a very powerful work as it is drawn the detail situation of the sea for whole surface in the small screen.
And, it will makes you refresh with a clear blue color.

Mt.Fuji Above the Lightning                  US$198 each

SIZE : W 37.5 / H 25.5 (cm)

This work is called "Black-Fuji" in comparison with Red-Fuji.
There is a summer thunder cloud in the foot, the foot is covered by black clouds and lightning.
It let you feel dynamism of the earth whereas Red Fuji is static. It is expressing that Mt.Fuji is a quite high mountain visually by drawing the weather difference between top and foot of Mt. Fuji.

Tree-peony and Butterfly

SIZE : W 37.5 / H 26.5 (cm)

Noboto Bay

SIZE : W 38.5 / H 26.5 (cm)

Dawn at Izawa in Kai Province

SIZE : W 38.0 / H 25.5 (cm)

Snowy Morning at Koishikawa

SIZE : W 38.5 / H 26.5 (cm)

Temporally Bridge in Kozuke Sano

SIZE : W 38.5 / H 26.5 (cm)

Drum Bridge at Kameido Shrine

SIZE : W 39.0 / H 26.0 (cm)

Wisteria and Wagtail

SIZE : W 19.0 / H 25.5 (cm)

Hydrangea and Swallow

SIZE : W 39.0 / H 26.0 (cm)

Mitsui Store at Suruga-cho in Edo

SIZE : W 38.5 / H 26.5 (cm)

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