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The Ruined Palace at Soma

The Ruined Palace at Soma
$528.00 each Width: 75 cm
Height: 37 cm

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*ATTENTION: This size is three pieces of one set

On the left side, there is a standing lady whose name is Takiyasha Hime, she has lost her father (Tairano Masakado) as he lost for a fight with the Imperial Court.
Takiyasha is a fairy trainer and the big skeleton is a one of fairy controlled by her.
For revenge of the father's death, she planned a rebellion to the Imperial Court in a ruin castle (Soma no furudairi).
At the center, there is a samurai whose name is Ooyaketaro Mitsukuni is fighting against the fairies  to defend the Imperial Court.
Kuniyoshi drew the battle very dynamic with big size composed by 3 pieces of works.


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